Indonesian Culture Night 2014 "Roro Jonggrang and 1000 Temples"

Hello everyone, i's me Sasha. I know lately all Indonesian student talked about our Bunkasai in this blog, thus please pardon me to also sharing my story about that topic for this post, lol~
Our Indonesian Cultural Night 2014 was held at 22 November 2014, Higashi Kumin Center, as you know we perform many Indonesian cultures in that event, singing Indonesian song, played angklung, performed Indonesian dance, and also Indonesian drama "Roro Jonggrang and 1000 Temples".
I'll talked about the drama because I took part in the drama more than the other performance.

This drama is love-hate drama about a Prince (Bandung Bondowoso) whose falling love with a princess from neighbor kingdom. The princess (Roro Jonggrang) was helped and raised as a princess by the greedy giant king (Prabu Boko). One day the giant king really want to overtake the neighbor kingdom which is Prince Bandung Bondowoso's Kingdom, but Prince Bandung was stronger than Prabu Boko, thus Prabu Boko died killed by Prince Bandung. After that Prince Bandung visit Prabu Boko's Kingdom and met Princess Roro Jonggrang, and then he fell in love with her.
first meeting of the two people

But the Princess hate Prince Bandung cause he killed her father, thus Princess Roro Jonggrang asked Prince Bandung to build 1000 temples in one night as a requisite for Prince Bandung if he want her to become his wife. Prince Bandung whose have a divine power asked the evil spirit king to build him a 1000 temple in one night, knowing that Princess Roro Jonggrang make a sacred ritual, waking up the people and rooster, dancing seducing the sunrise to come earlier than before in order to make the evil spirit stopped build the last temple, make Prince Bandung failed to kept the promise. Knowing that truth, Prince Bandung angry and cursed Princess Roro Jonggrang be the 1000th temple.
the last scene
In this drama I also performed 2 dance, the first dance was "Gambyong dance" this dance was about how's a daily life of a Java Princess, and the second one was "Roro jonggrang seducing sunrise dance" for this dance I made it by myself, but of course with some help and advise from my friends too, thanks for Makk Rara and Ka Dina for that great help.
Gambyong dance

Roro jonggrang seducing the sunrise dance
That occasion was really great, to be able performed traditional dance from my country in front of all my friends and also international viewer. Really grateful to be able did that performance.
So, that's my story about my role in Indonesian Cultural Night 2014, see you in my next story.

-Charisa Glesiandra-

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