Party Rules in Japanese Culture

Hello everyone, it's Sasha again, now I will talked about the party rules in Japanese culture. About a week ago I attend a  Lab's party-series in one night. So the first party was simply a weloming party for the #rd-grade student whose are joining our Lab (Applied Microbiology Lab) and also for me as an exchange student. This party took place in a restaurant called Sankai in Susukino area. My sensei said that that's a rules of party in Japan. The first party usually are the most formal party, the aim of this party are to get friendly with each other, having fun together, and to be "Happy" togeher, that's why usually in the first party they play game related to guessing the name of other person or something like that. This party also have the big feast, you must eat a lot in the first party.
sankai restaurant

first party
The second party (nijikai) usually are drink party, the aim of this party are to get know more about your friends, to be "Happy" by yourself of just with your close freind. They usually talked in group in this party. For me I don't reall remember the restaurant name that this party held, because i was busy learning kanji for kanji quiz in the next day, thanks for my friend and my sensei for helping me study that night.
Kanji learning session in second party
The last one was the third party (sanjikai). Third party usually held in karaoke room, yap karaoke room!! the aim of this party was to become crazy, relieved your stress by singging and dancing together. for me this is my favorite.
my sensei singging in third party

Usually people not always attend all three party, you can just attend the first one. But for me, I just wanted to know the party rules in Japanese culture, thus why I join all three party.
so, that's my story about party rules in Japanese culture, see you in my next story.

-Charisa Glesiandra-

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