In Order To Succeed

And after this long weeks,.,.
Here comes the..  .. .. .. .. .. ..

Can you guys see that   ?????????

Yaap,., you should know it. 
Aa aaaa. There’s nothing in there. Hahahahaa.. :v
Hmmmm,.,.,.,.,.,, let's just say it is unsmooth result.
Just like one of my old friend quote "In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time".  
There he is .,., Anthony J. D'Angelo, just like what he wrote in his book "The College Blue Book". Honestly,., I never read it,. my friend told me. Lol.
Well, seems like my relationship with this big-machine not really close,., we need to  have much more date. So, let's SPEED-UP 'till the end of this year. "Vroom vroom vrooooom......"

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