Dhina's Experiment : My just born baby!

Hey! Let me share my research (again)! :D

Well, I love my cyanobacteria now! Its still in the beginning of this project, but so far, its going well. Maybe I will start the isolation 2 weeks later! and here is my picture with my baby! (thanks Julie for taking this pic) :)

Today, I just transfer my culture from 1 L flask to 10 L bottle. It was conducted in laminar flow hood to prevent any contamination. I have to learn the procedure to use this laminar and my beloved Sensei kindly taught me before. ^_^

 The medium and all the equipment that used were sterilized before with autoclave on 120 C for 20 min.


 And here is my just born babies.

Grow well, onegaishimasu! (*hug**kiss*) (^_^)

Oiya, in my group research, we will have biannual research progress report on Dec 16th. So, everyone have to give a presentation. and after that, we will have a bōnenkai (忘年会) party. Bonenkai (literally: “forget the year party”) are the most important parties of the year. As the name implies, the purpose of bonenkai is to forget the troubles of the past year and look forward to success in the next. I will share about it later! Thank you for reading my post! (DF)

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