Fifth moments in my life, Hokkaido [Arm]

Hello! Everyone : ))

                I am “Arm”. We see again. Today, I present about story ago to you. The Early December,

4, 8 December 2014, My Experiment continues from two weeks ago. I do experiment about leaching between H2O (+) glass and HCl (+) glass. In this leaching H2O (+) glass spent time 6 hours and leaching HCl (+) glass spent time 2 hours. After that we separate between H2O (+) glass and HCl (+) glass. Solid bring to dryer.

7 December 2014, I tour the “Day Trip: Sapporo- Shinshinotsu” for Thai people. We take a bus about 30 minutes – 1 hour to Shinshinotsu. ‘Shinshinotsu’ is a small place someone to know. They provide a welcome to us as well. In the many food and activities such as tea ceremony, mochi, wearing yukata, wearing samuri, snowman, ect. Everyone enjoy have a fun.

11 - 13 December 2014, My Experiment continues from a week ago. I do experiment about analysis XRF of before leaching and after leaching of solid for leaching lead.

12 December 2014, I attend “2014 Bonenkai, e3” of Faculty of Engineering. In Party have a food contest of various countries such as Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. I like the food of each country. It was very delicious, which is very different to that question. Many student from many countries join this party and one of them even have my friend. Her name is ‘Khandala’ from Laos and she show Laos dance.

And now, Odori have Christmas Day. It name is “Sapporo White Illumination”.  We will enjoy it. See you again ^^’’

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