Jojo’s Diary : December Part 1_Snow man in the Land of Snow

Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the Land of Snow , Hokkaido Island.

          今日は、皆さん. I have a good new for me " I pass Japanese Exam..... Yeah!!!!" Now I am level up from "Introductory Grammar III" to "Introductory Grammar IV".

          Now everything around me change to white and I cannot ride bicycle (Oh! so sad T-T). I have to walk on the ice floor to go to university every day it's very easy to slip but I'm Jojo I can do everything.

          On Sunday 7th December, I go to Shinshinotsu. This city is the small city. They would like to change to tourist attraction. They select Thai people for trial trip (everything free ^-^ hehehe...). 
I enjoy with wearing Japanese dress, catching goldfish, Japanese food, making ramen, making moji, making Japanese traditional green tea and playing on the snow.

          And I have join the Snow man making challenge. My team change me to snowman and we win. We get the 5 kg of rice, potatoes, onions, dorayaki and daifuku.

          And on Friday 12th December, Faculty of Engineering have a new year party of International student or "Bonenkai". I join in with many friend. I see "Khandala" my Laos' friend from same division show  Laos' dance and I am volunteer of magic show. The magician cut my hand by his knife. I very scare but my hand alive = =*.

I would like to finish this diary here. See you again next blog.

Merry Christmas &  Happy New year 2015

To be continued…


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