My study started in IPB

Hi everyone!

As I said last time, I started my research from middle of November.
This time I show u some parts of my research.

My major is soil science and mainly I measure soil prooerty and CO2 flux at glassland in IPB.

As some of you know, the method to measure CO2 gas is the closed chamber method. I can find out the increase of CO2 from soil by putting chamber on the ground and collecting gas inside chamber before capping and after some time passing.
I have 4 sites in IPB and I conduct sampling twice a week.

4 types of grassland

closed chamber method

infrared CO2 analyzer

Though I don't know why, I 'm motivated to do anything these days.
Then, I hope I can enjoy anything in December also..that is to say All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

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