NAMFON's December #1

Hello all PARE members!!
This month is the last month of 2014 already, also half way of this project (for me). Many thing is going on in life like research and friendship. Like this month I've got a chance to visit my Thai friends in Hakodate (also PARE members in Fisheries, Hakodate campus; Boong, P' Bong, P' Por, P' Tarn and P' O) for 3 days 2 nights. It was one of my best part since I came here because they gave me such a warmth heart and enjoyed together when I was there.  

at Hakodate bay

One thing that shouldn't miss is seafood in Hakodate! I have tried Ikura, hotate and ebi don which is the best of the best that I've ever had before. I think when I go back to my place I might not be able to feel others in same way again.

This week Lab works for environmental sciences just started so me and other PARE member in this faculty took part in this subject. This week is Sakairi's lab which is my lab that experimented on synthesis sugar and NMR spectroscopy. I and Dhina is working together and turned out as a great teamwork. :)

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