Indonesian Cultural Night (Food Version ^_^)... (Part 2-end)

Let me say sorry because my late submission for 2nd November report..

In my 1st November report I wrote about Indonesian Cultural Night, and because almost all of my Indonesian PARE friends, already told you about the “Day” (the awsome day for Indonesian ^_^). So, let me say sorry again because I will not re-write about Indonesian Cultural Night event anymore.

Although I will not write about Indonesian Cultural Night event (drama, or angklung), my report is still have some correlation with that event. Yup, it is also about culture, especially about food.

In Indonesian cultural night, we (Indonesian) were not only giving performance (drama, angklung, and traditional dance), but also we served food. Food is the most important thing that has a great correlation about culture. Just remember this short sentence: you are what you eat! Food shows your culture!

In the Indonesia cultural night we provided the best Indonesian foods to the audience. They are (my version name) nasi liwet, ayam krengsengan, sayur acar kuning, telur dadar dan tempe orek. In some place, maybe they call this menu with other name ^_^. Many of the audience said that it was so delicious, oishii.

Indonesian's Bento in Indonesian Cultural Night

The uniqueness and specialness of food taste will be something that missed by food lover. And for some people, this can be one reason why they should come to other country. The unique and special seasoning is the secret of food flavor in each country. Each country has secret ingredient. Such as, in Indonesia we have “bawang brambang” or small red onion, etc. This onion is used together with garlic and added with other seasoning. For Japan, they usually use dashi, miso, or shoyu as the secret ingredients, and for Thailand maybe basil and kaffir lime leaves (please correct me if I a wrong ^_^).
Besides the seasoning, other secret ingredient is raw material. Those special ingredient only can be obtained in that certain country. Such as, for Japan they are the best in seafood. Although we can have sushi in our origin country, but we will never taste the best sushi if it is not in Japan. For Thailand, I thought that the best “mango sticky rice” dessert also only available in Thai. Thai is famous because of its good agricultural product. 
And for Indonesia, I have a lot of food that I missed so much. I do miss bakso, soto, rawon, rendang, tempe mendoan, gado-gado, opor, pempek, gudek, etc. But, among all of them I do miss tempe mendoan with tempe as the secret ingredient.

Tempe Mendoan that I missed so much
Tempe is one of famous Indonesian food. Tempe is made from fermented soybean by Rhizopus sp. Tempe is also famous because of its health benefit and good flavor. Although I can have tempe in Japan (but, it is really expensive), of course the best tempe is from Malang, East Java Indonesia. Tempe is also my research topic, and I am so glad to have it.

And, for the last..
For everyone who loves eating (^_^)

Have the challenge to taste all of the best world food and satisfy your “tongue”!
But never forget your own food (I’m sure, although we said that other country food is good, but the best food for us is our origin country food)! Love it and appreciate it (one of the ways is research about it)!

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