NICHAPHAT's lifestyle in December 2014

NICHAPHAT's lifestyle in December 2014

Hi! Everyone.
I' m Nichaphat (Tan). First week of this month, My Thai friends from Sapporo came to Hakodate. We are very happy to see them.

                                             We met my friends at JR station in Hakodate.
                                                          We are very glad to see them.

                                                       We traveled around Hakodate Bay.
                                                  We walked with take a photo all the way.

                                                             Thai's girls (hahaha ^O^)

                                                               Colorful Christmas's tree

                                                               Firewall of Christmas day

                 I feel relax and so happy in this trip. Although, the weather is very cold because there are a lot of snow.

See you again next blog.
Bye Bye...

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