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So, this time I'd like to talk about my current research.
Being a part of Forest Entomology at IPB then luckily tansfered into Systematic Entomology at Hokkaido Univ. I am targeting myself to enrich my knowledge about insect more deeper, especially about molecular.
Focus on Boktor pest, as main problem in sengon plantation in Java, that cause reduce volume and quality of it's timber. Most disturbed stage of this beetles is larvae. I have collected his small-little-rubbery larve from some location in Java, and will analayse them about its genetic molecular.Ok,.,Ok,., you have no idea about this insect,., calm guys,., here they are~

(left) larvae and (right) bettles of Boktor Pest

Tell me that they're shape is not creepy as I told you before, but trust me, that their habit by feed gregariously caused death to a tree. Could you imagine how bad is that? how long that you will wait for a tree to reach those similar diameter??? That's Sengon's farmer worried about.

About these reseach itself, I am still in the middle to find the exact method itself, because I keep meet- up with unexpected result. I guess I still need much more "date" with my Lab.'s Units, such as Thermal Cycler, The Electrophoresis unit, Printgraph, some Centrifuge Machine, etc. I don't have much time, same as you guys who have the same troubles with your research.  Let's pray and dating more with our laboratorys' units. LOL. I hope We can finish these experiment by the end of this year.,,.,, hmmm,. Don't you think that it will be so sweet, guys??????  <3 <3 <3 Hahahaha

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