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In this snowy day, what about if I tell you some interesting point about Japan. Maybe some information is not exactly have the same perception with the other people think. This information is based on some of my Japanese friends’ point of view and books related with it.

Firstly is abput communication in Japan, If you ask a Japanese what he thinks, he is very likely to answer by asking what everybody else thinks. Honne and Tatemae is one of the common communication way in Japan, where Honne means “the true sound” while tatemae means “as the groups’ voice”. It is very often that individual give a tetemae position, but that doesn’t mean that he/she has entirely abandoned his personal honne. So there’s a time when tatemae is really needed to prevent and decrease the conflict among the society, however there’s also the specific time where the individual need to put themselves in honne position. As my personal opinion, I think that the awareness of Japanese people is very high to the peacefulness of society and they have very good control positioning themselves in the certain kind of situation.

Secondly about public safety, Japan is the 2nd top place for the lowest crime. For woman in the other country may have a bit thinking about walking in the night alone, but in japan, woman even don’t have a second thought to walk in the lately night. I really impressed about it. Some people may don’t lock his house or left precious things in the lab like PC or another kind of expensive stuff without worry someone will steal it. The secret of Japan’s good statistic in low rate of crime is Koban (police box) and Chuuzaisho (live-in police box), and this system is already adopted in the number of country. Koban located here and there in the community and being base points from which police do their patrol. Koban are the essential element in enabling the Japanese police to respond quickly to any need.

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