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November 29, 2014.

This saturday, I visited some places in Hokkaido as part of my winter trip. I was going to Shiraoi Ainu Museum Porotokotan, Noboribetsu Date Jidai Mura and Jigokudani Valley in Noboribetsu City. Noboribetsu City is located 120 km southwest  Sapporo. It takes around 1 hour 30 minutes from Sapporo by bus. 

This trip is started very early in the morning. Gather at 7 a.m in Kita 14 Nishi 3, the trip was supported by Indonesian Student Association (PPI). However, we can invite our foreign friends to join this trip. Unfortunately, I join this trip suddenly so I don’t invite my foreign friends :(

Our first destination of this trip is Shiraoi Ainu Museum Porotokotan. The entrance fee for this place is ¥700 for adult. Here, we can see learn about Ainu’s culture through seeing their house and its appliance and furniture, watching their activities, and even you can try Ainu’s clothes and take picture. To take picture wearing Ainu’s clothes takes cost ¥400 (if I am not mistaken), but I’m not trying this clothes because I don’t have a lot of money. Poor me! Haha. By the way, The Ainu or the Aynu (Ainu アィヌ Aynu; Japanese: アイヌ Ainu; Russian: АйныAjny) are an indigenous people of Japan (Hokkaido, and formerly northeastern Honshu) and Russia (Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands).

The Ainu House
playing instrument
sitting baby

Okay, next destination is Noboribetsu Date Jidai Mura. This place has many attractions such as Ninja show, Samurai show, Geisha show and so on. Also, this place itself is very attractive because it has beautiful landscape to take photograph. I enjoy all of the show they're offered. I e Ninja’s hiding on their secret room, Samurai’s fighting, and also beautiful Geisha, きれいですね! Here’s the gallery of the show :)


Samurai show

Beautiful Geisha
Geisha Ladies
After enjoying all of the show, it’s a must to take many pictures here. I don’t wanna miss a thing :p Umm.. well this experience is not cheap. It cost ¥2500 for adult to enter this place haha. Money doesn’t lie!

Noboribetsu Date Jidai Mura Landscape

And the final destination is Jigokudani Valley. This place is natural hot springs area. No entrance fee for this place. Horrayy! You can enjoy the beautiful panoramic here. Also you can try foot bath in natural hot water for free. After you’re tired of walking, it’s very nice to soak your barefoot to the hot water, especially in this such cold weather. It’s very relaxing! If it's not enough for you, you can try onsen in the hotel around here, but of course you have to pay for this. haha

Jigokudani Valley

After whole day trip, finally I get back to Sapporo around 7.30 p.m. My body was very tired, but my mind’s get relaxing so much. What unforgettable moment!

Keep warm and relax guys! Cheers.

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