Oshoro Maru V

                                                                                  Oshoro Maru V

               I very excited went the ship leave the coast. "Oshoro Maru V"  was the name of ship, it leave very quitted and smooth. I stand in the porch of the ship for saw some people and flourish with them in order to say “Bye Bye”.

Oshoro Maru V

The first in this program we will know regulation, living, saving when emergency case and How to living when it occur.

 After that I learned component of squid and how to separated sexual. Then I surgical squid for saw the internal organs. Then I went  to catch squid. This is first time for me and it use long time to catch them. Why squid not be caught my trap???? I’m so sad (May be today be destined to die of squid ”Ha Ha”).   However, in the next day I  get 1 squid and eat them. It very delicious.

                How to sampling in the ocean (Ohhhh!!!! I don’t know). Because it first time for me. After I learned I knew it. The ship has been designed to carry out a wide range of scientific, sampling and teaching activities. It has gillnet, trawls, automatic squid, CTD  profiler, ROV, LAN system, above bridge, acoustic Doppler current profilers, Full-circle scanning sonar, etc.

CTD profiler

Plankton net

Plankton observation 
                 In addition to learned I also make new friends. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for reading my post.(Ratchanok Sahaworarak)

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