Honeymoon already gone

Dear All PARE Member,
How Are you in December?

November was the stressful month for me (Curcol dulu ah). If you know the "cultural shock curve", so the crisis time is on November (picture bellow). Hopefully December will be the recovery time. In this November, many problems come out, start from the research problem, home sick and many other unimportant thing.

Cultural Shock curve (http://iwasanexpatwife.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/ucurve.jpg)
However, that is OK, it is no problem, because i have many friends in PPI Hokkaido and Sapporo which always give me many interesting activities. I think some of you also have problem (actually not problem, but challenge), and I don't want to add another problem for you, so I will tell you the happy and fun thing here. 

Firstly, Malam Budaya Indonesia "Indonesian cultural night". There were many student already told the story about this event. This event is very fantastic, a lot of fun. We play musical theater about 1000 temple and Roro Jonggrang. In this event, I act as soldier of Pengging Kingdom, Angklung player and also as demon. For Soldier of Pengging, we dance (tari ngaco namanya) to welcome the Bandung Bondowoso.
Warrior of Pengging Kingdom

Angklung show
Demon, They build temple
Secondly, we have PPI Sapporo trip, so Indonesian student from Indonesia we went sightseeing together. PPI provide the transportation. Thanks for PPI for this amazing trip. In this trip we went to Ainu Museum, Edo Village (Kampung Ninja dizaman Edo), and Hell valley. 

OK... Thank you for reading my post, Let's enjoy the remaining time..

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