NAMFON's November part2*

As always during weekend I mostly spend time travel around Hokkaido. Like Otaru (3rd time already!!) But still had a lot of fun because this time is my first time with snow so environment turned into white.
At Otaru canal (Most famous place to take picture)
But wait during weekday I always go to lab and works likes others too. One new thing I have experienced here is I had a chance to use an instrument by myself . So I had to research a lot to have enough data for analyzing my own. I 'm really thanks to my sensei that cooperated with Agriculture faculty to have a chance to use TEM.

TEM (Transmission electron microscopy)
 Then I got a chance to joined Indonesian culture night which only have this event once in
  years. They had a really great performance and collaboration with other organization, also friendship that really tight to each other. I started to really like their country and I wish to go there and meet my Indonesian friend in their hometown in the future.
ME and my foreigners friends at Indonesian culture night
 In the last Friday of November, I was a representative of my country to present Thai food and little performance like sing Thai song. Actually it was my really first time to sing in front of people like this but I really had fun and made a lot of new friends.

I made Pad Krapao kai (Stirred-fried chicken with holy basil) with Omelette

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