Neko "Cat" Cafe

Hello everyone, this is Sasha, how's your day? I hope this coldness won't make you sad these day.
Today I will talked about Neko Cafe or Cat Cafe in Japan, so catlover you must visit this place.

The first time I know about Neko Cafe are simply from Japanese manga, of course when I come here I really want to visit that place, and that comes true when my senior shared her experience visited Neko Cafe in Susukino Area (lot of thanks to mbak Khoirun Nisa).
This cafe located in Susukino, chome 2 nishi 5, in 5th floor apartment building. Here are the guidline picture to go there.
 How to go to Neko Cafe
This cafe are slightly different with common cafe. In common cafe you usually have a meal or drinks, but in this cafe, you will play with cats and you can order a snacks in different room if you want, but no food when you play together with cats. 
There's time system in this cafe, you can chose whether you wanna play 30 minute or 1 hour. for 30 minute you have to pay 480 円 and for 1 hour you have to pay 1000 円 including 1 glass of free drink. For me because this is my first time I choose the 30 minute time system. before entering the cats room, you have to wash your hand first and put your belonging in locker room. In the cats room there's so many cats, but most of them are sleeping.
 Sleeping cats 

 more of sleeping cats

 me touch the sleepy cat

 sleeping cat in the shelf ceiling
There also one cat that looked far away through the window, she won't budging even if I stroke its fur or try to showed cats toy to her. maybe shes's broken hearts or somethings, who knows, lol~
The heart broken cat
My favorite cat in this cafe are this stripe-swirl-motive-fur cat. he's so lively and naughty, he jump around here and there, play with toys, so cute, but it's difficult to stroke its fur because he's too hyped.
my fave cat

my fave cat play in the ceiling
In this cafe they display the name and cats photos in the wall, thus the customers can know the cats name. But I'm too busy playing thus I just take the picture without knowing all cats name, lol~
Cats display name 1

 Cats display name 2
In the end of my playing time, I take the picture together with the cats. That was so fun played together with cats. So you have to visit this place catlover.
 me with that yellow cat

 me with that black-white cat
After finished my playing time, as a souvenir they give me a tissue package including discount coupon 200  円 for next visit if I play for 1 hour.
  the tissue package including discount coupon
That's all my story about Neko Cafe, I hope you enjoy this story, see you in my next story.

Best Regards,
-Charisa Glesiandra-

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