special trips!!!

special trips!!

                In this month, i have many special trips. that's importance "FREE". i started first trip this trip short time about 6 hours. that's place Kiroro resort (キロロスノーワールド) because in December 5 is Father's day (ちちのひ)in Thailand. so, Thai people that live in Japan will go to Kiroro resort (キロロスノーワールド)for praise and blessed to King of Thailand. 

               The first, have show traditional of japan, do auspicious candle,  praise and blessed after that put auspicious candle in table at square have many snow. final have show ski fire that so beautiful.

                                                               show traditional of japan
                        auspicious candle                        square for put auspicious candle

ski fire

                 The secondary trip at shin-shi-no-tsu (しんしのつ). because at shin-shi-no-tsu (しんしのつ)is small city but very beautiful, people in this here very kind and then shin-shi-no-tsu (しんしのつ)want to open for tourism from Thailand. so, this trip call "sample trip" for make the good trip follow opinion from us.

                 Started!! every one ware ukata is costume of Japan.  take a picture, Japanese food, drink, candy and play.

                                                                          Lap fish

                               Kimono                                                                    Ukata

               After that for the tea ceremony traditional of Japan. This ceremony is beautiful, holy and difficult for make tea is good. Make mochi (もち)is so heavy, difficult, funny and delicious.  

Tea ceremony

Make mochi (もち)

                The activities outside, make snowman, snow mobil,  banana boat on snow (i don't know what's call) that's so very funny, interesting, challenge, enjoy and tired. 

      we are champion for make snow man!! 

snow mobil

 banana boat on snow

we are crazy and eat snow!!

          This month in Japan that's so very happy. Thank you every body for my happiness. Thank you so much ^^

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