Sixth moments in my life, Hokkaido [Arm]

Hello! Everyone : ))

I am “Arm”. Today, I will tell a different story ago to you. Last week, my laboratory has a big cleaning day because of prepare to start work in New Year.

20 December 2014, I attend “Sapporo University International Festival”. In Party have peoples to join and Thai dancing show by Jojo, Fern, and Toko. Toko, she is Japanese people and interest in Thai traditional dance.

29 December 2014, I go to Otaru with my friends. It is my second time but this month, it is different because it has snow white.

And do not forget this month (31 Dec 2014) have Happy New Year 2015. You can enjoy with me.

“Bye bye 2014, welcome to 2015”. See you next year. :D

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