Bonenkai party ~ 「ダメよ~ダメダメ」story ^_^

Hello everyone! 
Let me share my recent activity in PARE Program. :D

Well, it is almost new year. Should I am happy or not? *shaded by my not finished yet research* (well, just enjoy it~)

I and my lab mate, Ishikawa-san, had finished for harvesting my baby (read: cyanobacteria culture) this Friday. He help me for harvesting them because I had lab work in another laboratory. Thank you so much, Ishikawa-san. :) 

This week is a kind of a busy week in my laboratory. On Tuesday (Dec 16), we have a biannual research progress. So, every student have to do a research presentation. We were so busy on that day so I don't have any picture of it. We start the presentation from 1 to 6 pm. After the presentation, we have a Bonenkai party in Japanese restaurant from 7 to 10 pm. We were really enjoyed the party.  The foods (sashimi, nabe, etc) and the drinks ( I only drink ginger ale and orange juice) were so good.


We talk about a lot of things. I learn about the most trend word of the day in Japan. Dame yo! Dame dame! If you want to check how fun it is, please watch this video. Hahaha :D

 We also took a selfie photo from my supporter, Ng Yin Cin. Thanks Cin-san for the pict. :D

And on that day, I and other Indonesian students have a meeting with Prof. Mudasir (Dept of Chemistry, Universitas Gadjah Mada) at 5 pm in Warung Jawa Restaurant. We shared our research and daily activities in Hokkaido University. What a really hectic day! But it was fun!  

For the next day, we have a laboratory work (8 credits). We, PARE students in Env. Scie., have to take this lab work for 6 laboratories (Sakairi sensei, Okino sensei, Konishi sensei, Kamiya sensei, Tanaka sensei and Noro sensei’s laboratory). We have to do the experiment two days for each lab and make a report after that. I am very excited with this lab work because I can learn how to use the experiment tools in each lab. 

We already finish the lab work for Sakairi sensei lab (synthesis, purification (column chromatography) and NMR analysis of sugar derivative) and Okino sensei lab (isolation of mycrocistin from freshwater cyanobacteria and analysis using LC-MS). Last Friday, we were did the synthesis of nanogold complex using PVP and HAuCl4 and dialysis for separation. We will analyze the product using DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering) to know the size for next Monday. What a great experiments! (DF)

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