Post on Newspaper !!! よいお年を

Post on Newspaper !!!!

                In December, that's so many busy. because i have class, experiment and show!!. But i don't want to talk about class or experiment,  i will tell everyone about "The Show"

               Do you know "Traditional Thai Dancing"?   "Traditional Thai Dancing" is so beautiful for every one and hard for practice but i'm very fortunately because i used to practice "Traditional Thai Dancing" when i was 6 - 12 years old. so, when i went to Japan i hope i will show "Traditional Thai Dancing" for every one and i hope every one impressive in "Traditional Thai Dancing". And when i went to Japan i have chance show "Traditional Thai Dancing" 2 times and fashion show!!. That's so good for me.

Thai cloth

"Traditional Thai Dancing"

Fashion Show

             That's so surprising because in newspaper of Japan post our picture. we are so famous!!. Thank you every body for produce the good fair and give chance for me. I'm very happy.

Post on newspaper of Japan

finally, now the last time for this year



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