Actual goal in Japan!!


I would like to talk about my research. Previous posted, I talked about my activities only field trips. Actually, I have started my research from October until present. My research study is "Expression analysis of Transformer-2 gene homologue and its important on sex determination and/or sex differentiation in the giant river prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii".

Giant river prawn

Due to the fact that Transformer-2 have been identified in giant river prawn an hypothesis that they may play as an important key role regulator of sexual differentiation hierarchy (pre-mRNA splicing factor of the genetic somatic sex determination pathway) as previous studies in insect Drosophila species which they were controlled by their sex differentiation process through alternative pre-mRNA splicing by Transformer-2 with another component.

Regulation of sex specific splicing in insect

Raising a hypothesis that giant river prawn has dramatically relationship with insects. So this research is aimed for examine Transformer-2 gene in various adult tissues in giant river prawn which would support the hypothesis and provide a framework to understand the mechanism of sex determination in giant river prawn

OK! I think that it's enough for explain about my goal research in Japan! Yay! seems like complicate to understand the mechanism and actually it is very complex more than describe as above so that's why I attempt to do anything relax but never abandon time experiment. I know it's just only 2 months where I will spend time in Japan but I hope that I can finish my experiment before go back home! SO がんばって!みなさんもがんばってください!

Suthin Iampaisarn

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