What a fantastic program, PARE 2014: The fact form International Forum

Last week Dec 9th, 2014 I and some PARE students (Charisa, Yeni, and Vannesa) joined a great seminar. International Forum aiming at Foundation of a New Graduate School of Global Food Resources: Perspectives of Contribution to Facing Crisis on Food, Water and Land Resources via Transdiciplinary Human Resources. It was because we selected the same lecture and this seminar was part of our lecture. This seminar was an international forum that prepared for the “birth” of new major in Hokkaido University (A New Graduate School of Global Food Resources) on April 2017. In this seminar, we are tried to “shape” the new concept of an emerging graduated student characteristics as the goal of the new graduated school.
The seminar poster

The committee had invited 5 speakers.  They are Dr. Masa Iwanaga from Japan International Research Center of agriculture Science (JIRCAS), Mr. Hiroshi Nagano from Global Service Forum-Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Dr.Sharon P.Shoemaker from Universitu of California-Davis USA, Dr. Gretchen Kalonji from United Nations Educational Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and also from Embassy of France in Japan.

The speaker told her/his experience about world condition and its relationship with our position (graduated student). Dr. Mas Iwanaga told that today was very different from the “ancient” age. In past, we have green revolution to fulfill our food needed. But, it is not compatible anymore. From green we have to move to the “rainbow revolution”. Although green revolution gave good effect in maintaining food stock, but it also brought bad effect. Green revolution made population increase, income increase, but in addition it also reduces environmental quality, global warming issue, triple burden of food problems (hunger, malnutrition, obesity). Now, we are facing the global challenges: 1. Increase productivity, 2. Natural resources base protectsà sustainability, 3. Climate change, 4. Globalization and emerging world.  Those challenges were a big “homework” for all of people in the world, especially the “promising great generation”, Yes, that’s we are!

The three global burden T_T

What did we learn in PARE program was very enchanting trough this seminar (or this seminar them has been enchanted to PARE). I do feel very grateful to join PARE programs, because I feel fortune, I know this issue early and we already learnt about it.

From Mr Hiroshi Nagano, we were been encourage to learn from oversea! Go to study aboard and feel “the energy” there. It was important to get involved in diversity culture as early as possible. He also suggests to learn English very well as early as possible. Those two points that I marked was very pointed to PARE program too. Wow, what a great of PARE program that already answered all of the challenges.

The seminar was joined by many great people. Almost the entire professor in Graduate School of 
agriculture came to the seminar, include Hatano sensei. I’ve learn from this seminar that we have to really think global, although we will only work “local”. We have to work together to save the world. It sounds that PARE student will be the HERO. ^_^
But, I do hope so. All of us will be the HERO not only to ourselves, family, university but also our nations.    

Ganbarimashou!!! ^_^ 

Location: Hokkaido University, 5 Chome Kita 8 Jōnishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaidō 060-0808, Jepang
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