Dhina's Experiment : My Baby's Growing Up!

Hello December!

As I wrote on my second post, I have to do experiment in Okino and Sakairi Sensei Laborator. My research in Okino sensei Lab was about studies (isolation and protease inhibitory activity assay of heterosporins from the freshwater cyanobacterium Anabaena heterospora (N-1697 strain). Before I start the isolation, I have to culture the cyanobacter first. And finally, my "baby" is growing well after around 35 days cultured. The total amount of the culture is 12 of 10 L bottles (120 L). I already harvesting the 6 of 10 L bottles and maybe waiting for a few days later for harvesting another bottles. And this is the picture of 6 of 10 L bottles that will be harvesting a few days later.

And while I waiting for these culture, I will make another 5 of 10 L bottles culture. So, today, I will make the 50 L of CB medium as the medium for the culture. The recipe of CB Medium was a little bit complex. I have to make a 10 L medium which consist of Ca(NO3)2.4H2O ; KNO3 ; B-Na2glycerophosphate, MgSO4.7H2O ; Vitamin B12; Biotin ; Thiamin HCl ; PIV metals ; Bicine and deionized water with pH ~9.00. It is like cooking experiment. :)
And after that, I will scaling up the culture from 1 L flask to 10 L bottle. And here is the picture of my 1 L flasks culture.

I hope my another "baby" will growing well as previous baby. :D

And the real winter will come soon. Our effort will harder than before. Ganbatte kudasai!!

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