Winter and New Year Activities

December 28, 2014.


December 23 is holiday. Some PARE students and me have great opportunity to join winter and New Year activities with some Asian students. The activities were consisted of 3 parts.

First part is walking ski and rafting. In the morning, we can try walking on the snow by using ski shoes. It is very easy and interesting. It is not dangerous as I imagine.

Walking ski
Then, after ski walking we can try snow rafting. We are sitting on the boat while a jet ski drags us on the snow. We can feel the snowflakes hitting our face while on the boat. We wanna faster speed!
Snow rafting

At noon, we're served with Japanese New Year's dishes named Osechi Ryouri (おせちりょうり). Every element in the dishes is meaningful. It’s very healthy and delicious (おせち料理は健康で、おいしかったです).
Japanese New Year's dishes
The last session is picture letter drawing, named Etegami (えてがみ). We're taught how to make えてがみ. えてがみ is a postcard containing picture and message. I'm bad at drawings but I try my best. がんばりましょう。

Thanks for reading. どうも。

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