Lecture days ^^)v

Hi againn….Maido ! ^_^)/

yep now, I would like to tell you about the lecture system in here. It’s so flexible. We can take any class we want and also sit in where we interested in certain kind of subject. Different with in my own university, in a week we have to get a class at least 4 days in a week (12-15 credits). In here the system is actually different where the schedule of the lecture is not that tight. Some lectures has a schedule just in 2 days meeting but in a full day, the other lecture have random schedule where they will inform it via email. The most part that I like we can attend many kind of symposium freely and get many new information and knowledge about something. Many lecture is brought by English-Japanese (so do not to worry if your Japanese ability is not too good) and there’s also the lecture that is brought by Japanese (for the expert one ^_^). Many sensei would kindly answer your question and explain again if you miss something about the lecture. The most I like is Molecular Plant-Microbe Interaction lecture, beside it is related with my research, the lecture is also carried on simply explanation and so many literature from journal. Usually after we take a class we have to make a short report about the summary, our impression, or any critics or comments about the lecture. Thought, it is a very good method to know about our own ability and also it gives the feedback to sensei about something that must be added or fixed for the next lecture.

So, That’s all for today….. be cheers! \(“,)/

                                                      One of guest sensei from Thailand

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