Unforgettable Night

I think every Indonesian student will write about our Cultural Night which was held at November 22nd, 2014. And so do I. I am really glad to tell you guys the story about our cultural night. In this event we performed so many things. Like patriotic song, traditional music instrument, "angklung" from west Java, comedian historical drama, and so on.

For the opening performance, we performed patriotic song, "Tanah Air" by Ibo Soed, which we arranged with piano, cello, guitar and angklung. Piano played by Obara san (B4 environmental science), cello by Oriyama san (M2 environmental science), guitar by  Wahyu san (D1 agriculture), angklung by PARE student, and singer is me. In this song we also added poetry by : Izul.

 This is the complete performance :

In the drama, we played the story of 1000 temples "Prambanan", which Charisa - PARE student as lead actress, Princess Roro Jonggrang.

 Here is the video link

We really happy because so many audience came and enjoyed our performance. And also, I proud to be Indonesian and more more love my country than before.

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