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Indonesian Culture Night 2014 "Roro Jonggrang and 1000 Temples"

Hello everyone, i's me Sasha. I know lately all Indonesian student talked about our Bunkasai in this blog, thus please pardon me to also sharing my story about that topic for this post, lol~
Our Indonesian Cultural Night 2014 was held at 22 November 2014, Higashi Kumin Center, as you know we perform many Indonesian cultures in that event, singing Indonesian song, played angklung, performed Indonesian dance, and also Indonesian drama "Roro Jonggrang and 1000 Temples".
I'll talked about the drama because I took part in the drama more than the other performance.

This drama is love-hate drama about a Prince (Bandung Bondowoso) whose falling love with a princess from neighbor kingdom. The princess (Roro Jonggrang) was helped and raised as a princess by the greedy giant king (Prabu Boko). One day the giant king really want to overtake the neighbor kingdom which is Prince Bandung Bondowoso's Kingdom, but Prince Bandung was stronger than Prabu Boko, thus Prabu Boko died killed by Prince Bandung. After that Prince Bandung visit Prabu Boko's Kingdom and met Princess Roro Jonggrang, and then he fell in love with her.
first meeting of the two people

But the Princess hate Prince Bandung cause he killed her father, thus Princess Roro Jonggrang asked Prince Bandung to build 1000 temples in one night as a requisite for Prince Bandung if he want her to become his wife. Prince Bandung whose have a divine power asked the evil spirit king to build him a 1000 temple in one night, knowing that Princess Roro Jonggrang make a sacred ritual, waking up the people and rooster, dancing seducing the sunrise to come earlier than before in order to make the evil spirit stopped build the last temple, make Prince Bandung failed to kept the promise. Knowing that truth, Prince Bandung angry and cursed Princess Roro Jonggrang be the 1000th temple.
the last scene
In this drama I also performed 2 dance, the first dance was "Gambyong dance" this dance was about how's a daily life of a Java Princess, and the second one was "Roro jonggrang seducing sunrise dance" for this dance I made it by myself, but of course with some help and advise from my friends too, thanks for Makk Rara and Ka Dina for that great help.
Gambyong dance

Roro jonggrang seducing the sunrise dance
That occasion was really great, to be able performed traditional dance from my country in front of all my friends and also international viewer. Really grateful to be able did that performance.
So, that's my story about my role in Indonesian Cultural Night 2014, see you in my next story.

-Charisa Glesiandra-

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Festival and Experiment ; Phospholipid extraction

BUABAN   Parichat
Kasetsart University

Loi Krathong festival
When 8th November 2014, about 3 week ago at Clark memorial  student center  in Hokkaido university, Thai and  Japanese people came to join  together. We jointiy held Loi Krathong festival. As well as the my friend and I participated Loi Krathong festival also and we showed Ram Thai.

Photo by Awassada Putchakarm

Loi Krathong festival is an important day for traditional Thai festival. The festival is held in November every day at the moment that we could see  full moon on the sky. Normally activities are held on the every area near the river in the country. Those is believe for misfortunes to floating and an worship and ask for a goddess. For this festival Thai and Japanese people had met, talked and made thai food together such as Somtum (green papaya salad) with chicken fried, Yum Woon Sen (spicy glass noodle salad) and other.  The shows are Ram Thai and Ramwong (Dance in Thai)  including Bingo game rewarded for the winner.

Experiment ; Phospholipid extraction
This is my first experiment in Plant Nutrition laboratory. My staff  is Eriko Maejima. She is studying  in doctoral degree and teach me about all experiment. We study on the aluminum (Al) tolerance of rice and barley and their lipid composition in roots. Usually  rice is more tolerant to Al than other crops. Then, I have been assigned the experiment also  phospholipid and sterol determination include screening of aluminum tolerance. Someone asked me, Why I have to study about phospholipid? I therefore explained that because acid soils is the most serious problem for crop product influence to  stress in the rhizosphere and limits plant growth by excessive Al  availability. Al toxicity has inhibition of root elongation. In root cell has phospholipid and sterols .These are part of plasma membrane(PM) component. When Al binding to negative sites of PM were occur increase the PM permeability. Organic acid anion released from roots is a major Al exclusion mechanism in plant spicies. Therefore, In the PM, Al induced increase in PM permeability can be more severe with a high proportion of phospholipid. That come of hypothesis in this study are in the PM have a higher phospholipid proportion in plant of Al sensitive and in contract if a lower phospholipid proportion in plant of Al tolerant.
 In phospholipid extraction. Root sample is homogenized  three time in extraction  solution are 2-propanol, chloroform and milliQ water.

Extraction solution with a mortar and pestle.
Collect supernatant and all residue into grass tube. The homogenized sample is centrifuged for the chloroform layer separated and collected the layer into flask for three time. After that into seprating funnel for extraction with solution mixture (chloroform : 2-propanol: 0.1 M KCl) and shaken with the same volumn 0.1 M KCl several time .
Separation by separatory funnel.

Then collect chloroform layer is dehydrated with  Na2SO.This solution is filtered and evaporated.

Collected chloroform layer (lower layer).

Filtered through a filter paper (No.6).

Evaporated at 40  ̊C.

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The first time for me for Thai dancing in Hokkaido.

Activity in November

              I started in this month by Loy-kra tong festival.  Loy-kra-tong is festival of Thailand but Thailand club are organize this festival in Hokkaido for Thai people in Hokkaido and Japanese people who are love Thailand in  Hokkaido. In festival have many activity such as, thai dancing,  loykratong, thai food. 

Thai dancing


Thai food

            After that i continuous my experiment. and now my adsuki bean are growing and i bring seeding dipping to the bud-cells of Fusarium oxysporum is 96-3K2 about 2 hous after that transplanted into a mixed soil : vermiculite ratio 1:1 and look for symptom on leaf.

          I prepare soil inoculation by collected mycelia of Fusarium oxysporum is 96-3K2 and mixed with soil, wait about 2 weeks. after that check concentration of mycelia by spread on agar and waiting for symptom.


Thank you for read me


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Fourth moments in my life, Hokkaido [Arm]

Hello! Everyone : ))

How are you?... I am “Arm”. This is my fourth report. I have been here almost 3 month. Now, the weather is cold. Do not forget to put a winter clothes. Did you buy winter clothes?...

My schedule is very tight but I like it. I study Japanese language class 3 times a week to make my life is easy in here. The Japanese language is hard but I have a lovely, kindly and funny. I also took the Japanese language used in everyday life with my friends in laboratory.

And last week, I spent my weekend with my friends. We go to eat sushi restaurant, take a photo, karaoke and shopping buy winter clothes for welcome to winter.

This is the end of my report. I hope you have a good time in winter. See you again.. ^^*

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Tanya NOV Past2

I'm Tanya, I joined in Oshoro-maru program. I study about  ship system, squid physiology, squid fishing, plankton physiology, rope binding and work together. It่s very enjoy.

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The journey of my life 4; HU-SNU Joint Symposium.

Good day everyone!!! Hope you can enjoy your weekend :D

         On last Friday, November 28, 2014 I and some PARE friends have a chance to attend HU-SNU Joint Symposium Production, Function and Safety of Food. This symposium is the participation between Hokkaido University, Japan and Seoul National University, South Korea.

      There are 6 topics including,
- The rule of autophagy and lysomal functions on reproductive efficiency in cattle. By Masashi TAKAHASHI (HU).
- Research infrastructure and future prospect of SNU-ARF. By Jeong M. LIM (SNU).
- Postprandial thermic effect of meat. By Jun-ichi WAKAMATSU (HU).
- Production of human milk oligosaccharide, fucosyllactose, in engineered microorganisms. By Jin-Ho SEO (SNU).
- Development of a novel time-temperature indicator using the Maillard reaction for prediction of Listeria monocytogenes growth during chilled storage. By Shigenobu KOSEKI (HU). and,
- Sialic acid catabolism of Vibrio vulnificus as a therapeutic target. By Sang Ho CHOI (SNU).

   All of talk is interesting and kind of new molecular technology but not so difficult to understand their concept. the most interesting topic of mine is Development of a novel time-temperature indicator using the Maillard reaction for prediction of Listeria monocytogenes growth during chilled storage. By Shigenobu KOSEKI (HU). Because, He was developed the TTI kit for bacteria predication based on Maillard reaction that can change color into blue in low temperature as chilling temperature for food in market. this kit is really cheap (Only 1 yen for a kit). but the problem is this kit is just only the predict that this food contaminated bacteria but unable to ensure this is L. monocytogenes or not. anyway he said that this study need to improve for synchronizing color change with growth of L. monocytogenes

    Anyway, Time to go now. I have a lot of homework to send to Sensei on next week lol Hope everyone stay healthy! Next week snow will fall again and It might be not malted like last 2 weeks. please keep yourself warm and eat healthy food.

First snow in my life

                                                                                                  Thank you

                                                                                 PUTCHAKARN  Awassada (Mika)


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Jojo’s Diary : November Part 2_Thai Food VS Japanese Exam


          Hi everyone, I’m Jojo (ジョジョ). Nice to meet you again ^^ !!
          This month, I am very busy because of many events. First is  "School on the move program". There are many student from ASAEN country and Japan join this program and also my friends from Chulalongkorn University and Students from Universitas Gadjah Mada who joined PARE Summer School 2014 in my group "Resty" I very happy to meet them again. And also they have bring some materials for Thai Food for me.

          And on 14th November, I and Arm have a Country presentation in my laboratory with my international friend from China and  Mozambique. I and Arm present about ourselves and Thailand. We also show the clip of my Thai dance in Loy Krathong Festival to my lab and we made some Thai food for them. 

          1. Tom Yam Kung or Spicy Soup with Shrimp
         2. Ka Pao Kai or Basil fried with Chicken 
         3. Nam Ta Kri or Lemongrass Juice

         We are very worry because of Thai food its maybe so spicy for Japanese but everyone like them. Everyone told me in same word " おいしい" 

         And in 22th November, I am go to New Chitose Airport for send my friends back to Thailand. And I am enjoy with many Japanese snack and sweet ex. Royce etc. that we can try them free in Airport (^_^)* He... he..he..!!

          And in 24th, my friend come here agian. He is "Knot" student from Chulalongkorn University who also joined PARE Summer School 2014. He come here again for meeting with professor in Graduate School of Information Science and Technology about his research and he also bring some materials for Thai Food for me      \(^o^)/

          And in the end of this month I have Japanese Final Examination from "Grammar Introductory III" if I pass I can study in "Grammar Introductory IV" but now I don't know the result. I am afraid (T^T)

         This is my life in November, Snow is pause but will be start again in December. I will be enjoy with Every Season, Every Temperature, Every day, Every time with Everyone^^ 

          See you next blog. Bye!!! 

To be continued…

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Part 2: November- Nichaphat

Part 2 (November)

           Good evening, everyone.
           In this month, I joined in Oshoro-maru program. I stayed in ship for 3 days 2 nights (2014, November 18-20). I saw and leant about system of this ship, squid, squid fishing, some planktons and working together. I saw my PARE's friend that came from Sapporo. I'm very glad. Moreover, I got new friends from this program.

                                                            We and my PARE's friend

                                                                      squid operation
                                                                   Oshoro-maru ship

               On the holiday, I went to Yonokawa onsen. I saw monkey and summer trees. I tried to play a piano that my friends taught me. Then, we went to the sea that near this place. We wrote our name on the sand. The sea water went through in my shoes when wave came. I am very happy because I feel relax.

                                                                     summer trees
                                                                        play a piano
                                                              our name on the sand
                                                                      the sea

…see you again…

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In the first half of November Thai people in Sapporo have created the Loy Kra Tong event. So I was a part of the event by helped cooking Thai food and repairing Kra Tong (the thing I hold on my hand in this picture) . The Loy Kra Toong event is one of Thai traditional festival to float a basket or Kra tong to the river on the full moon night. 

Then I have took part in Hokudai next top model with OIA which I really enjoyed. Because I have a chance to know international friends since most of photoshoot was candid. So no stress or shy but only fun fun fun during the photoshoot and we also get 2000 yes as gift card for book store.

So time to go out again! Yay!!!
Since last couples week have many day off on monday so me and my friends had a chance to go to many places such as Sapporo beer brewery place

Then I had a trip to Furano, Biei, and Otaru
This one from Biei, which is called blue pond. So beautiful there :D

After that couples day the first snow of this season no time to wait let's take picture!! lol

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