Self introduction ~I'm in Indonesia~

Hello all of PARE students!

My name is Kentaro Okura. Everyone call me Kentaro, Kenta or Taro.
Im from soil science lab. in Hokkaido university and it has been a week since I arrived at Bogor. I belong to soil science lab. in bogor agricultural university(IPB). 

It is hot for me here, so I hope I  become accustomed to tropical climate sooner. I already tried to eat some indonesian food, for example soto, sate ayam, martabak, tempe, nasigoren, rendang etc...  from now on, I wanna try different foods. And I study bahasa indonesia hard because I feel I can't live without bahasa. Anyway I need to be accustomed to everything indonesian.

See you next time 

Best regards,
Kentaro Okura

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