First week in Sapporo : Shopping in Golden Market!!

My first week in Sapporo was very busy (of shopping). I think it was what I should do first. Because for living in 5 months, we need (some?) stuffs like pan for cooking, daily needs, warm coats, etc. For dayli needs, I just went to ARCS Supermarket near dormitory and for some jacket or coats (or boots?) , (luckily) there were Golden Market that was held in Sakaemachi. Golden market is a second stuffs market that sell a lot of thing, and the important thing is, it is very cheap and we can do some bargain at there! I got a boot (¥800), a big luggage (¥900), a bag (¥100), etc. It was very cheap, right!

In Japan, we can meet a lot of convenient store such as L*wson, F*mily Mart, S*nkus, Se*co Mart, 7-el*ven, etc. The first word that we will hear is "Irasshaimase" which means an honoriffic expression welcoming someone somewhere (usually into a place of business). 

Why they are looking at me strange? !!! 

My schedule to do experiment is from Monday - Friday at 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. (but usually, we finish around 7 - 11 p.m.). One day (I forget the certainly date), I had an appointment with my Indonesian friend, so I finish my work at 6 p.m. At that time, all of my labmates still working in their place. For Japanese culture, they usually said "Sitsureisimasu, Otsukaresamadesu!" When I want to leaving, I said "Irasshaimase,
Otsukaresamadesu! " . When I said  that, all of my lab mates just looking at me strange. And I just go out with thinking, why they are looking at me. And suddenly, I realize of what I said to them! Oh my God! Maybe this is the effect of shopping (too much). LOL.

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