Field Trips in Date, Muroran and Lake Toya: Suthin IAMPAISARN

Hi! I'm Suthin Iampaisarn (BONG). There are many experience of my life in october but I want to share just some experience that most interested for me. For example, field trip 2 days in Muroran-Shi, Date- Shi and Lake Toya with undergraduate students of Fisheries Sciences to see the fish species culture system, salmon migration between pacific ocean and Lake Toya etc. which I was invited by my Sensei last week. Let's See my field trip.


Direction from Hokkaido University, Hakodate campus to Date-shi about 250 km 
Which  by car About 4 hours. Muroran-Shi and Lake Toya Are near Date-Shi.

First day, we went to Date-shi for the first place to see hatchery farm of Japanese flounder fish management (see picture below) and culture system. This station is aim for conservation of Japanese flounder fish resource in the sea which they can produce around 8,000,000 fishes per year !! 

Japanese flounder fish

I and undergraduate students were seeing japanese flounder tank

Japanese flounder farm

And the second place is Muroran Marine Station, Fisheries sciences that belongs to Hokkaido University where the station is located at the rocky shore of Charatsunai. 

This place is in front of Muroran Marine Station

Main research of this station is studies on biology and physiology of marine algae and there are minor research studies to produce Japanese flounder, herring fish and several species of shellfishes as well as Alaska king crab.

juvenile japanese flounder

Herring fishes were fast swimming !!

I can not remember japanese name of this species.

King crab

Sea urchin

Shellfishes culture system

After finish from the second station, we enjoyed lunch at the souvenir shop where is near the Hakucho Bridge which is the symbol of muroran-shi and there are wind generator on the mountain >> It's very beautiful view <<

Wind generator on the mountain

Hakucho Bridge

Souvenirs from Muroran-shi

Final destination and final day of field trip is Toya Lake station! 

The station is situated on the shore of Lake Toya in the Shikotsu Toya National Park, about 100km from Sapporo and 150km from Hakodate The main researches of this station including 1.wise use of Lake Toya :. A comprehensive environmental research for conservation of environmental conditions and control of fisheries production 2). Lake model for salmon migration by fish physiological analyze of salmon imprinting and homing mechanism by means of the electrophysiological studies on olfactory discrimination of maternal river and 3. Introduction of anadromous salmon to Lake Toya etc.

The way from Muroran to Lake Toya

We enjoyed lunch together

Lake Toya station

Finally, I think that I uploaded many photos more than explanation. Hahaha and final of the final of sharing experience, I would like to thank you my sensei (Shigeho Ijiri sensei) who invited me for gain this experience and I got many friends of undergraduate students.


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