story of life in Japan


May I introduce my self ?

       my name is POOWORAKULCHAI  Panalee. i come from Thailand. now i learn master degree in Kasetsart University Kamphaeng saen campus. my major is breeding, horticulture at agriculture.
      on one day, i was get scholarship from Japan for learn in Hokkaido University 6 month. i think it good lucky for me. and now i stayed in Japan about 1 month 17 day. the first time, when i arrived in Japan i'm homesick because i don't know every thing. i can't speak Japanese, i can't read japanese and my english is poor. I'm very worry cause when i stay in Thailand i learn about biotechnology and breeding but when i stay in this here i stay in pathology laboratory. so, i don't have knowledge about pathology but when i go in this laboratory, member in this laboratory everyone's very kindness especially professor is very very kindness and they give welcome party event for me.

           This temperature in this here are very differ with Thailand. In Thailand is very hot but in this here is very cold. some day have sunshine, some day have very wind and some day have rainy. so, i get sick.

         when i start the first class i saw someone do something for lecture in this class if i don't know him i will not think that he is Prof.

           i say with my prof. that "i want to learn Japanese grammar and Kanji, are you ok ? " my prof. say with me "when u started  in Japan you have  new life, new experience, new friend, new language and new everything. you have short time, i hope you enjoy in this laboratory, in Hokkaido, in Japan. if you have free time you can do every thing because you get benefit from every thing"

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