Dai's Self Introduction

Hello all PARE Member....

This is my second time to post an article in this blog after my final report for PARE Summer school, but i haven't introduce my self. So, in this time, i would to introduce my self first.

My name is Muhammad Dailami, I am master student (2nd year) from Biochemistry Department,  Bogor Agriculture Unversity (IPB), Indonesia. Right now, I am stay in Hokkaido University (HU) as long term participant in PARE Program. I will stay for about 5 to 6 months. My program will finished at 11th February 2015. I had been joined PARE Summer School in here for 2 weeks, and I am continuing to take course in Graduate School of Environmental Science (GSES), HU and also to do research. 

I am here under Okino sensei laboratory. If you want to visit to my lab, it is on the 2nd Floor of experimentation building, room number 24, GSES, HU. My research is related to isolation of cytotoxic compound from marine green algae. I do hope, that i can finished the research and published the result before I go back to the Indonesia. 

Any way, I would like to say hello for all friends from PARE summer school, who already back to their country and also for all PARE long term student, who i haven't meet again because our busy activities here. How are you all guys...?? Keep your spirit up, keep fight, for our beautiful future. I think that is enough for my self introduction. I will continue to update my progress in here for next time. See you later on my next post..

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