My very first life blog! please enjoy ;D

            Hello! My name is Namfon Panjanapongchai. Please called me Fond or Namfon. I`m from Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand. I was a part of PARE member last year in summer, 2013 which is a unforgettable memories and tons of excitements. So now I got a chance to come again during this autumn/fall semester that is such a great opportunity for me to have a chance to do research aboard with a fabulous professor and doing research in HU.
               Now I`m a master student belonged to graduate school of Environmental science in Sapporo campus. Since I got here I have realized theirs lots of thing that need to be adapt in proper way, from living in dorm to doing experiment. Eventually, the part that I have troubled with most is trash lol, Why? Because I have to separate all kind of trash in to appropriate garbage bag, also remember the date. And the thing is I always for got when is the date for this kind of trash. But now I think I`m about to get used to it soon. 
           In my laboratory have 17 members; 3 Thais (including me), 2 Chinese, 1 Egypt, and 11 Japanese. We all under supervised by Sakairi sensei in this graduate school. At first, I was a little shock with Japanese friend since they are so quite and speak very little English. But after I noticed  that they are very shy to new coming and you might need to learn some basic Japanese word to communicate with them, after that they are willing to teach you and talk to you. Japanese friend are kind and friendly is the way they really are.
            More than anything is 'loneliness' that can come to you anytime, however me and other PARE member from last year have a good relationship and still keep in touch so we had a meeting in amount of time which is relieving and get that feeling away. Although we went travel to some places together likes Jozankei, Otaru, even Susukino for shopping, purikura, and karaoke together!. I had so much fun and feel thankful to have them close till now.

The latest activities that I have joined is Ebetsu Worldfest that have many kinds of activities in Ebetsu town. Wearing Kimono and tea ceremony are the best activities for me I had a lot of fun and excitement during activies.

I hope that you guys have enjoyed what I shared some part of my experiences here. Thank you so much! Moreover, winter is coming we can prepare ourselves by gain weight and thick clothes lol.

With love,

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