First step in my life, Hokkaido // Arm : ))

Hello! Everyone : ))

My name is Thidarat MEEKOCH. You can call me “Arm” Now I am a master 2nd student, study in Georesources Engineering at Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

Start on 24 August 2014, I attended PARE program of “Introduction to PARE II”, “PARE (Intensive Summer School 2014)” and “PARE (Comprehensive Specialized Subject)” I got new experiences from this program. First of all, I got new knowledge in another field of work such as Agriculture, History, and Science. Next, I could create any ideas for apply with my work and life by those knowledge also. Furthermore, I have many new friends such as Thailand, Japanese, Indonesian students. We had practiced about communication and work with each other. Especially, Japanese, they have excellent characteristic about working. They have a high discipline, so it is very nice to work with them. The characteristic and habit of Japanese is obviously different with Thais. Therefore, I think Japanese working style is a good choice to imitate, so it would be benefits, if I apply this style to use in my home country.

After finish PARE program, I go to laboratory of Mineral Processing and Resources Recycling, Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering for Training. I meet many friends in Laboratory and sensei. Everyone very cute and speak very little English.

23 September 2014, start the Autumn/Fall and Winter Seasons. I wish everyone good health and good health care.



14 October 2014, today is my first Birthday outside Thailand with new friends. It is very amazing. My friends have a birthday surprise for me. I am very happy with during good time. We cooking and eating together.


And that is the story that actually happened to my life. And it will happen again and again, every day, every minute, every second, are you ready to go with me. See you again… : ))

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