Autumn in Laboratory of Groundwater and Mass Transport, Hokkaido University

Dear PARE Members,
How are you getting a long? Autumn is coming. Colors change from green to yellow, red and gold. Those are awesome. Never have I seen the scene this beautiful before.

Ginkgo Street of Hokkaido University
In this beautiful season, I conduct my research in Laboratory of Groundwater and Mass Transport, Division of Sustainable Resource Engineering, Hokkaido University. The researches in our laboratory are mainly concerned with terrestrial and environmental problems. Basic knowledge on movement of groundwater and contaminants is necessary to conduct research in our laboratory. The transport phenomena of groundwater and contaminant are closely connected with geological structure and chemical-biochemical reactions of materials. Therefore, there is an emphasis on the researches based on earth chemistry, multi-phase fluid dynamics and environmental radioactivity. Some of researches conducted in our laboratory are the following; Removal of heavy irons from waste water, Acid mine drainage, Groundwater and mass transport, Groundwater dating and Biological cycle in nature.
To support the researches, there are sophisticated tools and instruments for conducting experiments in our laboratory. We can investigate almost all chemical components of the solid and liquid materials such as water, rock, soil, trees, etc. Although it is fascinated, we must be careful of that instrument. It’s because the price is very expensive. As well as I know, the price is around 5-50 Million Japan Yen per instrument.  

Inductively Coupled Plasma
Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES)

ION-Matography (Anion and Cation)

Laboratory Preparation Room

Hydraulic Pump
In addition, our laboratory also hold seminar every week on Wednesday. Every student must prepare some presentation to the seminar turn by turn. Mostly, the topics are about the knowledge from published paper, book, and experiment. Even for newcomer, we have to present about ourselves, our country, foods in our country, our home university, and our research plan.

Our sensei explains something during seminar

Nohara san (my lab friend) discusses about his experiment

Equation in Kanji is difficult to understand

That’s all for this autumn in our laboratory (Groundwater and Mass Transport). Please don't forget to keep your health to enjoy it.



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