Autumn in Japan

Autumn in Japan 

             The first autumn for me in Japan is very beautiful, because leaf is change color and many colors. Sometime i thing is bright sometime is so sad.

             But someday raining is very so cold. Every day is very cold because temperature is down down and down. some night, temperature is minus degree Celsius, i waiting for snow!! so, exciting!!!  
             In holiday, i and my friend went to Chocolate factory. It's so cute. we take a picture with every thing. this here have Halloween term. candy and cake is so cute.

           We went to temple but fortunately because have wedding so, beauty, romantic, magical and sacred. i think in the future if i can marries in this here that fortunately for me.

        In this month, the first time for me for learn in Hokkaido University. I summit 4 credits and 2 Japanese courses, Advance Botany and Agronomy, Seminar Advance Botany and Agronomy, Study on International Agriculture Science II, Japanese Grammar I and Kanji I. every thing is new for me, i think i very fortunately that i went go to Japan.


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