Hello Autumn, Hello Hokudai Sport Events.

Hello, my name is Charisa Glesiandra, but you can call me Sasa or Cha. I’m belongs to Microbiology Major Institute Pertanian Bogor (IPB) – Indonesia. In this long term PARE program I enrolled in Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University (HU) and join the Applied Microbiology Laboratory (N203) under supervision Prof. Kozo Asano.
In this occasion I’ll share my experience during this past two weeks I’m here. The first time I came here the weather still warm, strong sunlight, very similar with my Country. But now the weather indeed has changed, the temperature keep decreasing and green color leaf start changing to yellow and red.
the leaf change it’s color

The changing weather was marked at 23 September as Autumn equinox. In autumn, even if the weather are quite cold there’s still sport event hold in this season. At 23 September there was Lacrosse League 2014. It’s my first time to watch lacrosse game live, this game was so interesting, they play using a netted stick and ball (looked like a tennis ball for me) and they try to make a goal to opponent goal post. In this Game Hokkudai win agains Hokkai Gakuen.

                                               Lacrosse league 2014 @Hokkaido University

A few days after the Lacrosse League, the member of Agriculture Laboratories held a Softball competition between each laboratory in Agriculture, of course the member of Applied Microbiology Laboratory which is my Laboratory also took part in that competition. We play just 4 inning every game to shorten the time, my friend from Applied Microbiology Laboratory played really nice, thus we can make our way to the final game and became the champion of the competition by scoring 6 vs 2 in the final game.

                                              Agriculture laboratories baseball competition

This past two weeks was so great, I feel blessed to join this program and have all the opportunity and experience in here.  Can’t really wait to share my next experience in this blog again.

Best regards,

Charisa Glesiandra

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