My Activity in Sapporo : Research and Sightseeing :D

Well, this is my first time for doing research about marine natural product. I am very interested in this field of research. In my lab, there are 1 Indonesian (Muh. Dailami, PARE student also) , 1 Philipine (Julius), 6 Japanese (Ishikawa-san,Watanabe-san, Hayashi-san, Kobayashi-san, Maruyama-san, and Takizawa-san), and 1 French (Julie). I am very close with Julie because we have same hobby, karaoke! (and doing some crazy thing to do in the lab also, dont tell sensei please). hehe.

 And this is my cyanobacter that still growing up. (I wish) they are very cute! haha. Grow up pleaseeeee.


 Work hard, Play hard (right?)

Last week, I, Julie and my PARE friends were went to Jozankei - Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort - Otaru , what a nice day! we were enjoy the autumn season. It was soooo beautiful!

It was very fun after a hard first week in Sapporo. Well, lets explore another beautiful place in Hokkaido! :D

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