Plant Physiology and Climate change 101

The beauty that comes with seasonal changes is the effect a series of several 'natural' events. The excitement experienced by many along beautifully colored streets around Sapporo and other temperate regions of the northern hemisphere during this autumn explains what nature is capable of.
Sapporo Autumn Events (@Chemeltorit 2014)

From a botanist's perspective, this is yet another spectacle where plants prepare themselves for the harsh climatic conditions ahead, winter!! Whereas the colorful beauty culminated in the sad senescence of these photosynthesizing organs, it is a means of survival to escape the life-threatening conditions. For an agriculturalist though, these are the hard times, no less different from the tropical regions of Africa and Asia, as well as the US west coast that are drought-stricken and go for months, if not years, without a drop of rain. Well, technology has brought solutions to climate related hardships, but of course at a cost.
While developed countries such as Japan can maneuver around and pierce through these obstacles thanks to their technological prowess, the third-world still lags behind and lavishes in utter suffering as a consequence of the events of nature, most of which have been worsened by HUMANS through the negative PARE chain.
Well, what ought we to do? Please ponder!!


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