Jojo’s Diary : October Part 1_New adventure of Jojo

Hi, สวัสดีครับ, こんにちは,

I’m Theerayut PHENGSAART (Jojo, ジョジョ) From Thailand. Now I am M2 student, study in Georesources Engineering at Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University.

I’m go here to be an Exchange student in PARE Program for 1 year. This is my third time to visit Japan (1st: Hokkaido University for internship (14 April – 8 June 2012) and 2nd: Akita University for short-stay program (6 October – 4 November 2013)). And this time is the longest adventure for me.

My new adventure start at 24 August 2014 I study Introduction to PARE II and Summer School 2014 I receive a lot of knowledge from many fields, visit many place in Hokkaido ex. Tomakomai, Hakodate etc. and also have many friend from Thailand, Indonesia, Japan etc.

After finish PARE program I go to laboratory of Mineral Processing and Resources Recycling, Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering for Lab Training. I meet many friends in Lab. old friends and new friends and also sensei. Everyone very kind for me.

23rd September 2014, this is my first Birthday outside Thailand. I have a birthday surprise from my friends at mid night. And in afternoon I go to Jozankei with my laboratory for graduate ceremony party of my Thai senior and have field trip at Toyoha Mine to visit Underground Mine (stop operating) and water treatment plant in 24th September.

1st October start the autumn and Winter Semester. I study in 4 classes of Engineering Subject: Mineral Processing and Resources Recycling, Environmental Geology I, Biochemical Resources and Rock Engineering and also join Japanese class in Grammar Introductory III.

I’m very happy here (^-^) but I have something so sad because I have more stories but I cannot to write all of them here. (T-T) These are impressing experience of me and now I am also waiting for my exciting adventure every day.

To be continued…

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