Seasonal Transition!!

As the cold of autumn bites hard on some of us, and just as Boyz II Men sang, the four seasons come and go, and we remain what we are... PARE graduates, the lucky few that have the privilege to acquire knowledge to become frontiers in a world filled with numerous challenges, demanding even more of our personal contribution to make an effort towards alleviation of these challenges.

 Each one of us is a unique pillar, a crucial building block, an important component to see to it that the negative outcomes of the age-long growing human population and the ever damaging activities that are driving this world and the entire human livelihood into oblivion is reversed. This sound like an uphill task which is seemingly unachievable but all we have to do is concentrate each effort towards the common goal. Let us apply the knowledge we have acquired, play our part, compliment each other, offer the necessary support, and above all believe that this world can be made a better place!!

Wishing each on a lovely season, whichever it is wherever you are!!

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