Hokkaido Story: Travelling in the past and being settled now

Last week, exactly September 25, 2014 I and also all of long term PARE programs students move to our dormitory. For the girls, we are all in International House Kita 23 and for the boys are in International House Kita 8 East. So, this is my “home” now in Sapporo-Hokkaido. 

My Dormitory
A month ago, August 24, 2014 we came in Japan. In the first 2-week, we spent our time in many places in Hokkaido. We stayed at Sapporo House YH in Kita 8 for a week, and then we moved to Greenpia Onuma in Mori Machi (Mori City), and the last we stay at Classe Stay Sapporo Station in 8-1 Kita 10 Nishi 1 Kita-ku Sapporo. In addition, because I was in agricultural subject, I also spent 4 days in livestock farm of Hokkaido University, in Shizunai, Hidaka sub prefecture.
The "travelling map"-adapted from PARE program presentation ^_^

In the Summer Pare Program, 2 weeks are become like a traveling time every day. In 2 weeks, I lived in 4 places! But, I do enjoy it. In the first week when we were in Sapporo House YH, we also visited Tomakomai city (Tomakomai Oil Storage, Tomakomai City Government, Tomatoh-atsuma thermal power station & solar plant), Sapporo City (Maruyama Zoo), Ishikari City (Ishikari LNG terminal and community wind power), Ebetsu City (Machimura Farm). In the 2nd week, we visited Toyako Cho (JA Toyako- snow storage, Abuta power plant-hydro power plant), Mori Machi (Mori power plant-geothermal power plant, and greenhouse-geothermal heating system), and Hakodate City (Hakodate Research Center for Fisheries and Oceans and Hakodate Beach). What a wonderful journey for travelling around Hokkaido! I do really miss you all guys,, need time machine (Boong said ^_^).

My big suitcases
 In that time, bringing suitcase and packaging are becoming a habit. We just had simple dress, simple food (just buy food in the convenient store), and simple sleep (in shared bed or futon). Everything is simple and easy. But now, I am finally settled in Hokudai International House Kita 23 (You can find more information in International House Kita 23. Hokudai International House Kita 23 is located in Kita 23-jo Nishi 13-chome Kita-ku. It is very far from my Agriculture campus in Kita-9 Nishi-9 Kita-ku, about 18 blocks. 

I stay at Building 2 (the newest building-construction in 2010) in room number 609 (6th floor). The security level of this building is very high. Finger print is the “key” for entering the building and also the room. We have to put our finger in finger detection machine to enter the building. And for the rooms, each floor consists of 8 rooms that divided into 2 wings. Each wing has the “wing” door (I don’t know the name, so just call it as wing door) that also need finger print for opening. Only finger print from person who lived there that can open the “wing” door. And we have our room key. So, just like I can enter the building, enter my “wing”, enter my room, but I can’t enter other wings and rooms. They also have CCTV camera in elevator and many places. It is very strict. This dormitory provides us many good facilities. In each wing we have common room (include TV), kitchen, laundry (2 machines), toilet (3), shower (2), and shoe box. In our room we have bed, desk, chair, bookshelf, refrigerator (it is big), private sink, electric heating, curtains, phone and optical fiber Internet. So, we can have the internet connection easily (it is become main needed now). For the phone we can use it to call other student phone, so just in the building. Other facilities are bike parking area and mailbox. And because this building is just 4 years old, so everything is just like new!

The building and security system

Facilities : kitchen, coomon room, mailbox, bike parking area

The room ^_^

My room is in the 6th floor. Every room is facing to East or West, so we can see sunrise or sunset. My room is facing to West. In the evening I can see the sunset beautifully. This is one of the most exited things about my dormitory.

Sunrise in cloudy (from common room side)

Sunrise in clear (from common room side)

Sunset in cloudy (from my room ^_^)

This is my first "Hokkaido Story"..
Let we see for the next story in 5 months,, ^_^

Yunita Siti Mardhiyyah
PARE ID: PARE 26-002

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