October, PLEASE do not GO!

October is almost finish, this amazing month will leave me soon, and unforgiving autumn almost leave us.
This month have very special story for me, amazing story, happiness as well as badness. In this month I joined so many activities besides do experiment and lectures.

1. Ishikari World Festival
This festival held in Ishikari with so many participants from many countries such as Korea, China, Brazil, etc. Here our country, Indonesia performed so many culture like music, and also food. Here I tried so many others country culture such as tried kimono for the first time and also making Japanese calligraphy.

2. Sapporo International Charity

This charity held in Sapporo. In this program i am meet with so many Japanese artist and also friend from all over the world. I also see so many Japanese cultural performances.

3. HUISA (Hokkaido University International Student Association) Cultural Night
Here we performed so many things like traditional dance, traditional music instrument "angklung", singing, etc. 

4. Sapporo International Student Sports Club
Here we play many kind of sports with Japanese and International friends. We play basketball, badminton, football, and volley ball.

And also I did not forget to spend my precious weekend with my beloved friends to go and cycling around  Sapporo for sightseeing such as Makomanai Park, Botanical Garden, Akarenga, Moerenuma Park, and so on.

That's why this month is very precious month for me. I hope next months will always wonderful.

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