Second moments in my life, Hokkaido // Arm : ))

Hello! Everyone : ))

Do you remember me? I am “Arm”. Today, I will tell a different story ago to you. Last week, my laboratory have a big cleaning day. To prepare to start work in the laboratory. It is very clean.

Now, I start to do lab training about lead and glass separation.

 (1) Pb glass

(2) Pb (lead) and glass separation

On October, Hokkaido is a spring color. Before the winter is snowy and white. The leaves of the trees in the city will become red and yellow and important, the leaves of the ginkgo tree at Hokkaido University. I think this is the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. I want to everyone to visit and take pictures with it and enjoy it. Before it fall. I do not want you to miss it.

And do not forget this month (31 Oct 2014) have Happy Halloween Party you can enjoy "trick or treat" with me. Boo boo boo :P

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