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BUABAN   Parichat
Kasetsart University

The end of October is autumn and cold. I think I will buy something to warm me up and prepare for coming winter. So, the best activity at the moment is shopping beautiful coats and shoes for below 0 degree Celsius with snow drop.

(Photographer by Napan Narischat)

 When cold breeze wind passed through my body on the beginning of October, it was time for colour leaves change and not a long time. I always walk from dormitory to the university and colour leaves have gradually changed from green to yellow and red. After the beautiful autumn, colourful leaves will continually drop to ground so it is signal of white winter.

On the part of my study for this term, I take lecture and seminar class in three subjects. The first is Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions. In this lecture, I will understand about the current research progress of physiology, ecology, and genetics of interactions between microorganism and plants.
Secondly, Biotechnology subject, I learn and understand basic and updated knowledge that is necessary of principles and methodology in biotechnology. For the subject’s seminar, the objective is to understand the knowledge in the field of biotechnology. So, I will have the knowledge of the principle, new findings, and new methodology that were utilized in an individual case in biotechnology, and learn the problem emerged from it.
Lastly, Study on International Agriculture Science II of short-term studying abroad within one year designated to learn basic study technique of the agricultural science.
Next term I will take class Plant Nutritional Ecology and Seminar on Plant Nutritional Ecology. In this lecture, we will study plant nutritional strategies on adaptation to various soil conditions and sustainable land management through rhizosphere regulation and symbiotic system between plant and microorganisms. For seminar I will read English paper on Ecological plant nutrition and rhizosphere function and understand international Trend of Ecological plant nutrition and rhizosphere function, which will contribute to research works.
 Furthermore, Introduction to PARE III have targets to promote understanding of actual situations regarding the use of fossil fuel, metal, water, land and marine resources and  initiatives for related improvement, and to improve capability of discussion skill for problem resolution.
I think, Sensei (teacher) is the most important person for my study life in Hokkaido university. They help international student to understand the subject’s content by teaching in Japanese and English language. So, language is now not my barrier to study here and I can feel relief and better understand the subjects.

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