My lifestyle in Hakodate: Nichaphat

         I'm Nichaphat Detkamhaeng, called Tan, as a master student of Fisheries at Hokkaido university in Hakodate campus. My advisor is Konno. He is nice sensai. He teaches thinking skills in my study plan and recommends living in Japan. I went to welcome party at Kono sensai house with my friends. His wife cooked food for us. It's very delicious. His son played a piano. He played Flute. I'm very appreciated in this party.

         In my laboratory has only 6 members (3 Japanese, 1 Chinese, 1 Thai and 1 Vietnam). Vietnam woman is a professor that studies about protein and enzyme extraction skills from Konno sensai for 3 weeks. Now, she comes back her country. She treated cakes, fruits and drink for our member in laboratory before she came back.

        I went to Goryokaku park with my Thai and Chinese friends. Chinese friend wore Yukata cloth. She is very beautiful. We took photo with her. Japanese friends can speak a little English. Sometimes, Chinese friend will translate for me and Japanese friends. Sometimes, We used manner language for communication. It was not problems for me. I am very happy.

      I start my basic laboratory. I study the digestion pattern of Sardine myofibril by squid liver protease.

      I hope that PARE's member will enjoy your life. I miss you. Thank you so much

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