Every Days is Honeymoon Day

Hello guys! may be you feel confuse about this tittle. Oke I will tell you. Some of you must have read a book about study in Hokudai or may be you still remember one thing which told by one speaker in new student orientation program today that is about "Cultural Adjustment Process and Stress"

I am sorry if the picture is no clear. But in that slide tell us that the first cultural adjustment process is honeymoon. That word means that everything here look very good and interseting. Honestly, thats what I fell from one month ago when the first time I come to Japan until now. This is because I have a lot of friend here as well as my family that always make me happy to spend my time with them, went to good place, took picture, cooked delicious food, etc. Thats why I can reduce my stress by communicating with them.

Here I share to you my pictures with my friends when we have spent time together.

We look so happy rights? Yes Of course. That's why, even though I spent my week days in laboratory from 9 am until 9 pm , hectic about my research, and little bit stress with that. But one thing that I never forget is to spent my time with my friends as well as my family here to share every things. That's why every days here is honey moon days.

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