The journey of life: Hokkaido, Autumn, Laboratory, PARE Exchange student.

       I running forward to my dream and now I’m right here Hokkaido, Japan. I attend to study and work in Laboratory of Animal Nutrition in Faculty of Agriculture Hokkaido University.



There are 23 members in my laboratory included Kobayashi sensei, Koeki sensei, Chiba san (a scientist), 3 Ph, D. students, 7 Master's degree students, 9 undergraduate students and I (an exchange student). 

      Currently, Our laboratory focus in 2 main research objectives include the study of the reducing greenhouse gas from rumen bacteria in Ruminant animal gut by feeding and the study of bean husk feeding on microbes in monogastro-intestinal animal. and my research topic is PCR-based analysis of gut microbiota: detection and quantitation of health-promoting and harmful bacteria. 


        On Oct, 7th 2014 Kobayashi sensei he is really caring and kind, He brought us to Tsukuba city to visit NOSAN corporation pet food and animal feed company and present our research about the effect of bean husk feeding on microbes as pre-biotic in gastro-intestinal animal.

    I'm really would love to know what they talking but It all is in Japanese :( 
    after we back from Tsukuba, we have free time around 3 hours for Tokyo sight seeing and we decided to go HARAJUKU!!! the most popular place in Tokyo.

        Harajuku is a center of Japanese youth culture and fashion Shopping and dining options include many small, youth oriented, independent boutiques and cafes, but the neighborhood also attracts many larger international chain stores with high-end luxury merchandisers extensively represented along Omotesando. If you have chance to visit Tokyo I recommend you to go Harajuku :)



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