I have been stayed in Sapporo more than two months. I felt just yesterday picked up at the New Chitose airport by my supporter, like yesterday following PARE summer program, meet with new friends, I went to Tomakomai to saw oil storage, saw the wind turbines, I went to hakodate, a discussion about problem of population, activities, resources and environment and it feels like just yesterday saw the leaves on the trees still look green. Suddenly the leaves have started to change color from green to orange, brown, red and yellow. Even some trees have been knocked out its leaves. I have been fallen in love with this city, Sapporo.
October, month of Autumn.
I received a special gift from my friends in laboratory, I got my name in kanji, my Japanese name is derived from words SUGI - HARU and HITO, but I choose to use just SUGI. This is japanese which mean Cedar.
Last week me and Okabe-san carve my name using CNC machine which small size, Okabe-san who designed it and I’m operating its tool.

Raw material to carve my kanji name.

SUGI, HARU and HITO in Kanji

This is result my kanji name using  small CNC machine.

Autumn in Sapporo :)

Best Regards 
Arif Sugiharto

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